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Most Reliable Real Estate Agents In Highland Park-Mount Washington

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Vahe Hayrapetian LA

Vahe Hayrapetian: Real Estate Agent (15 years experience)

Vahe Hayrapetian staying in Los Angeles is a sales professional with an impressive career history. He focused mainly on home loan businesses and financial services. Vahe Hayrapetian has worked for home loans offices of several leading institutions, including Bank of America. Vahe Hayrapetian, an established real estate agent says that investing in real estate is the best place to invest money. Ultimately, owning a real estate market is the way to achieve financial freedom regardless of economic conditions.

Dennis Chernov: Real Estate Professionals (13 years experience)

Dennis Chernov provides the finest Real Estate Services. He is available anywhere, based on the highest standard of ethics, and an unwavering commitment to client care. He will never lose sight of the trust and responsibility bestowed upon me by every client.

Joshua Hammond: Realtor (12 years experience)

Josh’s ability to understand his client’s needs has propelled him to one of the top agents in the South Bay and he is continuously looking for new ways to help his clients achieve their goals. His professional and personable demeanor has allowed Josh to build and maintain solid relationships with his clientele and allowed his business to grow from repeat clients and referrals.

Ben Belack: Realtor (10 years experience)

Ben Belack is a Director of Residential Estates at The Agency in Beverly Hills, California. He has participated in over $200 million worth of real estate transactions. Then moved to Los Angeles for pursuing a career in residential real estate, He has graduated in San Diego State University, receiving national honor society recognition.

Natalya Shcherbatyuk: Realtor (14 years experience)

As a real estate professional, Natalya Shcherbatyuk strongly believes that now is the time for real estate agents to think carefully about real estate industry. Providing flat rate service is a great way to accomplish this. She never understood why or how charging a seller 6% of the sales prices were ever in the best interest of the seller. She knew everyone must have been feeling the same way.